10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lipstick Color 


whether you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone is crucial. For brown eyes with warm undertones,


Brown eyes can be highlighted with contrasting lipstick colors. Reds and berries can make brown eyes pop, enhancing their warmth.


Your lipstick choice can vary depending on the event. Nude or soft pink is perfect for daytime, while bold reds or deep plums are ideal

Bold Colors

Don’t shy away from trying bold colors like bright oranges or a deep, dark purple. These can contrast beautifully


Match your lipstick with your outfit’s color palette. Earth tones work well with warm shades, while cooler tones pair nicely with pinks


Your lipstick color can change with the seasons, and brown eyes serve as a perfect constant backdrop for seasonal shades. Warm autumns


Lighting can affect how your lipstick looks. Test your lipstick in natural light to see how it complements your brown eyes and skin tone.


Before applying any color, ensure your lips are well-moisturized. A smooth canvas can make any color look better.


: Decide whether you prefer a matte finish or a glossy look. Matte lipsticks offer a bold, intense color, while glosses can make your lips look fulle