1: 1. Intense Connection You feel an instant and deep connection with them that you can't explain.

2: 2. Shared Values You both have similar values, beliefs, and life goals.

3: 3. Feeling at Ease Being with them feels easy and natural, like you can truly be yourself.

4: 4. Mutual Respect There is a deep mutual respect and admiration between you both.

5: 5. Strong Chemistry The physical and emotional chemistry between you is undeniable.

6: 6. Unwavering Support They support you in everything you do and are always there for you.

7: 7. Synchronicity You often find yourselves thinking or saying the same things at the same time.

8: 8. Growth Together You both inspire each other to grow and become the best versions of yourselves.

9: 9. Intuitive Connection You can often sense each other's thoughts and feelings without even speaking.