A Guide to Visiting These U.S. Pizza Hotspots

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New York City

Dive into the pizza paradise of NYC, where you can find diverse styles from classic New York slices to gourmet Neapolitan pies in every borough.

Chicago, Illinois

Experience the deep-dish delight of Chicago, with its towering layers of cheese, toppings, and chunky tomato sauce nestled in a thick, buttery crust.

New Haven

Explore the pizza haven of New Haven, renowned for its coal-fired, thin-crust pies topped with fresh tomato sauce and a sprinkle of pecorino romano cheese.


Discover Philly's pizza scene, offering everything from traditional tomato pies to artisanal creations featuring local ingredients and inventive toppings.

Detroit, Michigan

Indulge in the unique allure of Detroit-style pizza, boasting a rectangular shape, crispy edges, and a generous layer of cheese that caramelizes against the pan.

San Francisco

Savor the innovation of California-style pizza in San Francisco, featuring thin crusts topped with fresh, seasonal ingredients reflecting the city's culinary diversity.

Rhode Island

Taste the perfection of grilled pizza in Providence, where flame-kissed crusts are adorned with creative combinations of toppings, delivering a delightful burst of flavors.

Portland, Oregon

Embark on a pizza journey in Portland, home to a vibrant food scene offering everything from wood-fired Neapolitan pies to unconventional, locally inspired creations.

St. Louis, Missouri

Experience the unique charm of St. Louis-style pizza, boasting an ultra-thin crust, Provel cheese blend, and a sweet yet tangy tomato sauce, a regional delicacy not to be missed.