AFCON 2023 semifinal – as it happened

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Match Recap

Provide a detailed recap of the AFCON 2023 semifinal match, including key moments, goals, and standout performances.

Team Analysis

Analyze the performance of both teams in the semifinal, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and tactical approaches to the game.

Player Performances

Evaluate individual player performances during the semifinal, identifying standout players and key contributors to their team's success.

Match Statistics

Present comprehensive statistics from the semifinal match, including possession, shots on target, fouls committed, and other relevant metrics.

Fan Reactions

Gather and showcase fan reactions and sentiments regarding the semifinal match, capturing the excitement, disappointment, and anticipation surrounding the event.

Tactical Insights

Provide tactical insights and observations from the semifinal match, discussing strategic decisions made by coaches and their impact on the game.

Road to the Final

Discuss the implications of the semifinal result on each team's journey to the final, including potential matchups and predictions for the championship match.

Historical Context

Place the semifinal match in historical context by referencing previous encounters between the two teams or discussing their past performances in AFCON tournaments.