Craving Authentic Deep-Dish? Explore Chicago's Top Pizza Joints

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Lou Malnati's

A titan of the deep-dish scene, renowned for its flaky crust, tangy sauce, and generous toppings. Sink your teeth into their classic sausage or try the Lou Special for a veggie-packed delight.


Pioneers of the stuffed pizza, they offer an extra layer of dough for those seeking ultimate indulgence. Their signature deep-dish is a symphony of melty cheese and rich flavors.

Pizzeria Uno

The birthplace of deep-dish! Take a bite of history with their original recipe, featuring a buttery crust and classic toppings. It's a pilgrimage for any pizza enthusiast.


Don't miss their caramelized cheese crust, a hallmark of their unique "double crunch" style. Choose your toppings wisely, for each bite is an explosion of flavor and texture.

Art of Pizza

Craving simplicity done right? This family-owned gem prioritizes fresh ingredients and a perfectly baked, thin crust. Their sausage and mushroom pie is a must-try for purists.

Burt's Pizza

Journey to Morton Grove for a taste of tradition. Their thin-crust pizzas, baked in pans seasoned for decades, offer a nostalgic and satisfying experience. Cheese and pepperoni is their timeless classic.

Quad Cities Pizza & Pub

Venture beyond the deep-dish realm and explore the caramelized-crust magic of Quad City-style. Their signature pizza boasts a unique flavor profile, unlike anything you've tasted before.

Dimo's Pizza

Another Quad City champion, Dimo's brings their cheesy, caramelized goodness to Chicago. Their thin-crust version is perfect for those seeking a lighter, yet flavorful, option.

Pro Tip

Don't forget to explore your neighborhood! Many hidden gems await, offering unique takes on deep-dish and other styles. Ask locals for recommendations and embark on your own pizza adventure