How to Spot When You're Eating Pasta and Burgers Wrong

Blue Rings

Sauce Mismatch

Recognize when certain pasta shapes don't complement the sauce, resulting in a less enjoyable dining experience.

Twirling Techniques

Identify signs of improper twirling, such as messy spills or difficulty handling long strands of pasta, indicating a need for refinement in pasta-eating etiquette.

Crushing Long Pasta

Notice instances where long pasta is crushed on the plate instead of being cut with a knife, suggesting a lack of understanding of proper pasta handling.

Seafood Pasta

Spot signs of Parmesan cheese being sprinkled on seafood pasta dishes, indicating a disregard for traditional pasta pairing etiquette.

Slurping Sounds

Identify instances of loud slurping while eating pasta, suggesting a lack of consideration for dining companions and a need for improved table manners.

Burger Holding

Notice improper burger holding techniques, such as squeezing the burger too tightly or allowing toppings to fall out, indicating a need for burger-eating refinement.

Burger Stacking

Identify signs of disorganized burger stacking, where ingredients are haphazardly arranged, suggesting a lack of understanding of burger presentation etiquette.

Fries Faux Pas

Notice instances of improper fry-eating etiquette, such as using utensils instead of fingers or leaving fries uneaten, indicating a need for improved dining habits.

Mindful Dining

Identify behaviors that demonstrate a lack of mindfulness while dining, such as eating quickly or without attention to detail, suggesting a need for a more refined dining approach.