If You Love Pizza, You Need to Visit These U.S. Cities

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New York City

Indulge in classic New York-style pizza, known for its thin crust and wide array of toppings, from pepperoni to artichokes.

Chicago, Illinois

Experience deep-dish pizza, a hearty pie with a thick, buttery crust, piled high with cheese, toppings, and chunky tomato sauce.

New Haven

Try New Haven-style pizza, featuring a thin, charred crust topped with tomato sauce, oregano, and pecorino romano cheese.


Explore Philly's unique take on pizza with tomato pie, a thick crust topped with a tangy tomato sauce and sprinkled with grated cheese.

Detroit, Michigan

Savor Detroit-style pizza, with its square shape, crispy edges, and generous layer of cheese that caramelizes against the pan.

San Francisco

Delight in California-style pizza, characterized by its thin crust, creative toppings, and emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.


Sample grilled pizza, a regional specialty featuring a crispy, charred crust cooked over an open flame and topped with various ingredients.

Portland, Oregon

Enjoy wood-fired pizza, cooked in a blazing-hot oven for a crisp crust and smoky flavor, with toppings ranging from classic to inventive.

St. Louis, Missouri

Taste St. Louis-style pizza, featuring a thin, cracker-like crust topped with a unique blend of Provel cheese and a sweet tomato sauce.