Kendra Scott Necklaces for Effortless Sophistication

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The Elisa Pendant Necklace

This iconic necklace features a delicate chain adorned with a sparkling cubic zirconia stone, available in various colors and birthstone options.

The Rayne Pendant Necklace

The Rayne Pendant Necklace: This necklace boasts a bold, faceted gemstone pendant, available in a range of stunning colors like emerald, ruby, and sapphire. While undoubtedly eye-catching, the clean lines and high-quality materials ensure it feels sophisticated rather than gaudy.

The Everlyne Pendant Necklace

This elegant necklace features a pearlescent stone pendant, offering a touch of timeless sophistication. The pearl's natural beauty pairs perfectly

The Stevie Collar Necklace

This collar necklace features a row of sparkling cubic zirconia stones, adding a touch of glamour without being overwhelming. The delicate design and high-quality craftsmanship make it perfect for special occasions or dressing up a simple outfit.

The Gold Bar Pendant Necklace

This minimalist necklace features a simple gold bar pendant, exuding understated sophistication. The clean lines and polished finish make it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, adding a touch of modern elegance to any look.

The Faye Pendant Necklace

This necklace features a delicate chain adorned with a teardrop-shaped pendant, available in various gemstones and metals. The combination of the classic design

The Charlie Coin Necklace

The Charlie Coin Necklace: This unique necklace features a pendant shaped like a vintage coin, often engraved with meaningful symbols or messages. The combination of the personalized touch and timeless design

The Amara Pendant Necklace

This versatile necklace features a pendant with a geometric design, available in various metals and finishes. Its modern aesthetic complements a variety of styles

The Harlow Pendant Necklace

The Harlow Pendant Necklace: This necklace features a delicate chain adorned with a cluster of sparkling cubic zirconia stones. The intricate design and delicate details add a touch of femininity

The Layered Pendant Necklace

Kendra Scott's mix-and-match layering necklaces allow for endless creativity. Combine different lengths, metals, and pendants to create a unique and personalized statement piece