1: 1. Swap white bread for whole grain. 2. Trade sugary snacks for fresh fruit. 3. Opt for olive oil over butter.

2: 4. Choose lean protein like fish or chicken. 5. Swap soda for water or herbal tea. 6. Trade processed meats for fresh deli slices.

3: 7. Substitute ice cream for Greek yogurt with honey. 8. Choose nuts over chips for a healthy snack. 9. Trade sugary cereals for oatmeal with fruit.

4: 10. Opt for fresh herbs over salt for flavor. 11. Swap sugary drinks for infused water. 12. Choose homemade soups over canned options.

5: 13. Trade fried foods for grilled or baked options. 14. Opt for fresh salads over heavy pasta dishes. 15. Choose whole fruits for dessert instead of pastries.

6: 16. Swap creamy dressings for vinegar and oil. 17. Choose whole grain pasta over white. 18. Trade high sugar condiments for fresh herbs.

7: 19. Substitute butter for avocado on toast. 20. Choose unsweetened almond milk over dairy. 21. Opt for oat or quinoa instead of white rice.

8: 22. Swap sugary cereal bars for homemade granola. 23. Choose fresh smoothies over sugary drinks. 24. Trade high sodium condiments for natural seasonings.

9: 25. Opt for homemade trail mix instead of candy. 26. Choose fresh salsa over high sodium dips. 27. Swap sugary coffee drinks for herbal tea.