The Best Nail Polish Colors for Your Skin Type

Fair Skin

Enhance fair skin tones with soft pastel nail polishes, complementing your complexion for a delicate and elegant look.


Coral shades are perfect for light to medium skin tones, adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy to your nails.


Opt for earthy tones like taupe or olive, enhancing the natural richness of medium to olive skin for a sophisticated appearance.


Jewel-toned nail polishes, such as deep purples and emerald greens, beautifully complement olive to dark skin tones, adding allure and richness.


Elevate deep skin tones with metallic nail polishes, such as gold or bronze, for a glamorous and striking finish.


Cool undertones shine with icy blue nail polishes, creating a refreshing and chic aesthetic that complements your cool complexion.


Warm undertones are beautifully accentuated with warm red nail polishes, adding a touch of classic and fiery elegance.


Muted mauve shades are perfect for neutral undertones, offering a subtle and versatile option that complements your balanced complexion.

Sensitive Skin

Opt for hypoallergenic nail polishes designed for sensitive skin, ensuring both style and safety for your manicure.

Skin Types

Nude neutral shades are universally flattering, offering a timeless and chic option suitable for all skin types.