The Essential Lipstick Colors for Brown Eyes: Picks from Experts

Classic Red

Nothing beats the allure of a classic red lipstick. It's a timeless choice that draws attention to brown eyes, enhancing their warmth. Opt for a blue-based

Deep Plum

Deep plum shades add a touch of mystery and depth to your look, perfect for evening events. This color contrasts beautifully with brown eyes, making them stand out

Nude Peach

For a more natural look, nude peach is the go-to. It complements the golden undertones often found in brown eyes and works well for any daytime occasion.

Bold Berry

Berry shades are versatile and can be adjusted according to the season or occasion. They enrich the natural brown color, making the eyes look more vibrant.

Soft Pink

Soft pink lipsticks offer a gentle, romantic look. They highlight the softness of brown eyes without overwhelming their natural beauty.

Coral Bliss

Coral is an excellent choice for those looking to add a pop of color. It's bright, fun, and accentuates the warmth in brown eyes, perfect for summer days.

Burnt Sienna

A warm, earthy tone like burnt sienna brings out the specks of gold and green often hidden in brown eyes, offering a subtle yet stunning effect.

Mauve Mist

Mauve is a sophisticated option that suits almost every skin tone. It provides a modern twist to your makeup look, especially complementing the richness of brown eyes.

Chocolate Brown

For a monochromatic look, a chocolate brown lipstick can be incredibly chic. It enhances the depth of brown eyes, creating a cohesive and mesmerizing appearance.