The Ultimate Guide to Visiting These U.S. Pizza Locations

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New York City

Immerse yourself in the pizza culture of the city that never sleeps, offering an array of styles from classic slices to gourmet pies.


Experience the Windy City's renowned deep-dish pizza, a hearty dish featuring a thick crust and layers of cheese, toppings, and sauce.

New Haven

Journey to the birthplace of American pizza and relish the unique charms of New Haven-style pies with coal-fired thin crusts.


Delight in Philly's distinctive pizza offerings, including the beloved tomato pie with its thick crust and flavorful tomato sauce.

Detroit, Michigan

Explore Detroit-style pizza, known for its square shape, crispy edges, and a generous layer of cheese that caramelizes to perfection.

San Francisco

Tantalize your taste buds with California-style pizza, featuring thin crusts adorned with fresh, locally sourced toppings.

Rhode Island

Savor the grilled pizza in Providence, where charred crusts meet a variety of creative and delectable toppings.

Portland, Oregon

Embark on a pizza journey in Portland, home to a diverse pizza scene ranging from traditional Neapolitan to inventive, artisanal creations.

St. Louis, Missouri

Taste the unique St. Louis-style pizza, characterized by its ultra-thin crust, distinctive cheese blend, and sweet tomato sauce.