Travel the World This Summer Attending This Must-See Art Fairs

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Venice Biennale

Renowned for its prestige, the Venice Biennale showcases contemporary art from around the world in various pavilions, providing an immersive cultural experience.

Art Basel

As one of the leading international art fairs, Art Basel features a curated selection of modern and contemporary artworks, attracting top galleries and collectors.

Frieze Art Fair

Held in Regent's Park, Frieze Art Fair highlights cutting-edge contemporary art, offering a platform for emerging talents and established artists alike.

Miami Art Week

A dynamic and diverse event, Miami Art Week hosts numerous fairs, including Art Basel Miami Beach, transforming the city into a hub of artistic innovation and celebration.

TEFAF Maastricht

TEFAF Maastricht is renowned for its emphasis on fine art, antiques, and design, attracting connoisseurs and collectors from around the globe.


Experience the vibrant art scene of the Asia-Pacific region at Sydney Contemporary, featuring a curated selection of galleries and artists.

Art Biennial

One of the oldest biennials in the world, São Paulo Art Biennial showcases contemporary art from Brazil and beyond, fostering cultural exchange.

Armory Show

An influential art fair, The Armory Show presents a diverse range of modern and contemporary art, reflecting the energy of New York City's art scene.

Istanbul Biennial

Embracing the city's rich history and contemporary dynamics, the Istanbul Biennial offers a platform for artists to engage with diverse cultural narratives.