What Are the Best Lipstick Colors for Brown Eyes

Rich Plums

For those with brown eyes, plum and berry shades can really make your eye color pop. These deep, vibrant colors enhance the warmth in brown eyes

Bold Reds

Red lipstick is a classic choice that works beautifully with brown eyes. From bright cherry reds to deeper burgundy tones, these shades

Warm Nudes

Nude lipsticks that lean towards the warmer side of the spectrum complement brown eyes exceptionally well. Think peachy nudes or soft browns

Coral Hues

Coral lipstick is perfect for brown-eyed beauties looking for a fresh, vibrant look. These shades blend the warmth of oranges and the softness of pinks


Embrace the monochromatic look with deep chocolate brown lipsticks. These shades harmonize with brown eyes, enhancing depth and intensity

Daring Oranges

For those looking to make a statement, bold orange lipsticks can be a stunning choice. The vibrancy of orange contrasts beautifully with brown eyes


Peach lipsticks offer a softer, more subtle option that still enhances brown eyes beautifully. These shades are perfect for everyday wear,


Metallic bronze lipsticks are another great option for brown eyes. These shades catch the light and add dimension to your lips, while their warm undertones


For an edgier look, try smokey purple shades. These lipsticks can range from lavender to deep violet, offering a mysterious and captivating contrast