When Is the Right Time to Visit These U.S. Pizza Stores?

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New York City

Anytime is a good time to visit NYC for pizza, but spring and fall offer mild weather and fewer tourists, perfect for exploring the city's pizza joints.

Chicago, Illinois

Summer is ideal for outdoor dining and food festivals featuring Chicago's deep-dish pizza, while winter offers cozy indoor options to warm up with a slice.


Summer is the best time to visit New Haven for its vibrant atmosphere and to enjoy New Haven-style pizza at its finest.


Fall is perfect for visiting Philly, with cooler temperatures and seasonal ingredients featured in the city's diverse pizza offerings.

Detroit, Michigan

Spring and fall are pleasant times to visit Detroit, avoiding the summer heat while still enjoying the city's renowned Detroit-style pizza.

San Francisco

Summer and early fall are great for exploring San Francisco's pizza scene, with sunny weather ideal for outdoor dining and food exploration.


Summer is the ideal time to visit Providence, allowing you to enjoy the city's charming waterfront and grilled pizza in the warm weather.

Portland, Oregon

Summer and early fall are perfect for visiting Portland, where you can explore the city's food cart scene and sample a variety of pizza styles.

St. Louis, Missouri

Spring and fall offer pleasant temperatures for visiting St. Louis and enjoying its unique St. Louis-style pizza, avoiding the summer heat.