Where Does Purpose Come From

Intrinsic Values

These values reflect what matters most to a person, such as love, compassion, creativity, or making a difference in the world.


These experiences shape one's beliefs, passions, and aspirations, leading to the identification of a meaningful purpose.


Whether it's a hobby, career path, or cause they deeply care about, these passions drive individuals towards their purpose.


Purpose may originate from specific life goals and aspirations individuals set for themselves. These goals provide direction and motivation, guiding individuals towards.

Core Beliefs

These beliefs shape their worldview, guiding them towards actions and decisions that align with their values and contribute to their sense of purpose.


Purpose can be found through connections with others, whether it's nurturing relationships with family and friends, contributing to a community.

Religious Beliefs

These beliefs provide a framework for understanding the meaning of life and one's place in the world, guiding individuals towards fulfilling their spiritual purpose.

Seeking Meaning

Individuals may explore different avenues, experiences, and pursuits in their quest to find purpose and lead a meaningful existence.


Taking the time to explore one's values, passions, strengths, and aspirations allows individuals to uncover their purpose and align their actions accordingly.