You're Eating Pasta and Burgers Wrong, Etiquette Expert Says

Blue Rings

Right Pasta

Learn the art of pairing pasta shapes with sauces to enhance flavors and create a more enjoyable dining experience.

Proper Way to Twirl

Master the skill of twirling spaghetti with a fork, avoiding messy spills and showcasing your pasta etiquette prowess.

Cut, Don't Crush

When dealing with longer pasta, use a knife to cut it instead of crushing it on the plate, maintaining a refined and elegant presentation.

Seafood Pasta

Discover the unwritten rule of avoiding Parmesan cheese on seafood-based pasta dishes to preserve the delicate flavors.

Avoid Slurping

Embrace the practice of eating pasta without slurping, showcasing politeness and consideration for fellow diners.

Art of the Burger

Understand the proper way to hold and eat a burger, ensuring a balanced and mess-free dining experience.

Stacking Dilemma

Learn when it's acceptable to stack burger ingredients and when it's best to keep them neatly layered for optimal enjoyment.

Fries with Finesse

Discover the etiquette of eating fries – whether to use utensils or fingers – based on the setting and type of fries served.

Mindful Dining

Embrace the overall concept of mindful dining, respecting food, fellow diners, and the cultural nuances surrounding various dishes.